paper girl faces her fears

This kids book is about Violet; a beautiful little girl who faces her fears by going from “I don’t want to” to “I try” and her animal friends who accompany her on this journey. The intention of this book is to encourage little children to be curious and to try new experiences; to reassure them when they are facing their fears.

The author wants to enhance the parents´ understanding for the fear of failure in children, when they express their refusal to try “simple” tasks they have to face. Children learn by using their senses in order to grow. In the story, Violet was able to explore her senses for the first time, therefore the book was designed in a very tactile manner. It was illustrated by hand, by cutting and pasting different coloured patterned and textured papers and materials.

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Violet Cover
Collage Style Illustration
Children's Story Book

Violet is available in english and german!

English copies are available in print or e-book format off of Lulu, click here to order your copy! (Violeta, the german version is available in print format here)

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